Jeff Probst appears on one of the alternate endings to "Lost," on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"

"Lost": The alternate ending

Jimmy Kimmel reveals the creators' finales that might have been

Mary Elizabeth Williams
May 24, 2010 4:25PM (UTC)

So now that all the speculation is over and we know the true fates of the passengers of Oceanic Flight 815 – to the extent that such a thing is possible in the ambiguous Lostverse – we can't help wondering, what if they'd done it differently?

Well, if you were too busy quietly weeping and telling your dog you love him to catch Jimmy Kimmel's "Aloha to Lost" with the cast and crew late Sunday night, you might have missed Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof's revelation of their three alternate endings to the series. Far be it for us to spoil them -- we'll just say that we're a little in love with the cast and Kimmel today for giving us a taste of the vastly different "Lost" that might have been.


Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams is a staff writer for Salon and author of "A Series of Catastrophes & Miracles."

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