The New Republic doesn't have anything to say about the flotilla raid

The voice of pro-Israel American liberalism has nothing to say about yesterday's deadly raid

Published June 1, 2010 6:45PM (EDT)

If you're like me, as soon as you heard about the deadly, botched raid by Israeli commandos of a humanitarian aid flotilla in international waters, your first thought was, "I wonder what New Republic publisher Marty Peretz thinks of this." Apparently, he doesn't think anything about it. And neither does his magazine.

As Andrew Leonard noticed earlier, there's nothing on about the flotilla raid. Which is a little odd! Because, you know, the most prominent contributors to said legendary liberal magazine of ideas have been engaged in a very public debate with various other liberals about liberalism and Zionism and when and which criticisms of Israel are justified and so on.

But nothing on the biggest Israel story in months, so far, from fiery publisher and anti-Arab embarrassment Marty. Nothing from Jon Chait. Nothing from Leon Wieseltier.

I guess none of the editors of or contributors to the New Republic have any opinions about Israel today!

By Alex Pareene

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