User plea: How do I remove the Google background image?

Gallery of photos to choose from replaces boring old white, but Googlers are so not impressed

Published June 10, 2010 5:11PM (EDT)

One of Google's new homepage images
One of Google's new homepage images

Oh, Google, what hath thee wrought?  The Internet giant has taken its home page and replaced the classic white with a wide array of stock photos. You can customize it with an image from your computer, too, like little Betsy trying to french kiss the dog or that family reunion photo that has Grandpa giving you bunny ears.  You could probably use porn, too.

And since denizens of the Web are hateful and slow to accept change, the second most popular search on Google right now is "remove Google background."  The Next Web has a tip on getting the peaceful and non-controversial white screen back, and Google themselves indicated that this is only a 24-hour stunt to promote their new I-wanna-be-Bing-iness  Good thing, because my husband was about to throw his laptop out the window.  Artist Jeff Koons and his oversized balloon animal sculptures are the number one search right now, and Beliefnet finds him and the new images inspiring. Boo.


By Christine Mathias

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