Bill's pitch: Vote Reid, it's not his fault!

At a Nevada rally for the Majority Leader, former President Clinton said Reid isn't to blame for the recession

Published June 11, 2010 4:05PM (EDT)

When you are attempting to convince people to vote for a longtime incumbent, you can probably come up with a better line than "the fact that your life sucks isn't his fault." But that's what Bill Clinton argued in Harry Reid's defense at a rally in Nevada last night:

“It’s not his fault you have the highest foreclosure rate,” Clinton said of Reid. “It’s not his fault you have all these financial shenanigans going on. He has passed law, after law, after law to minimize the problems people are having and get us out of this mess...Harry Reid is there trying to do what makes sense to get us back on our feet.”

I mean, that's all pretty much true, but Reid's main selling point is that he is incredibly powerful.

Bill also made fun of Reid opponent Sharron Angle for hiding from the media, and he hammered her for wanting to abolish Social Security.

By Alex Pareene

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