Worried families calling Arlington Cemetery about mix-ups

Telephone line opens today to cater to concerned loved ones after Army announces misidentification of remains

Published June 11, 2010 5:01PM (EDT)

Arlington National Cemetery is getting a steady stream of phone calls from families worried that the remains of their loved ones may have been misidentified or misplaced. Spokeswoman Kaitlin Horst says that 100 people phoned in the first two hours Friday, after the historic burial ground opened a special call center for families of the 300,000 military veterans, war casualties and other dignitaries buried there.

The Army announced Thursday that an investigation found potentially hundreds of remains may be unidentified or misidentified due to poor management and record keeping at the cemetery. The investigation was sparked by a series of articles in Salon.

The cemetary's phone number is 703-607-8199.


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