DNA tests show Tiger Woods didn't father pornstar's son

Devon James says the golfer is her son's dad but science shows otherwise

Published June 17, 2010 6:18PM (EDT)


Tiger Woods did not father porn star Devon James’s son, according to TMZ. A DNA test was in 2002 on the son of porn actress Devon James as part of "an ongoing child support battle." Still, Devon James joined the cue of Tiger’s paramours in March, and she’s only behind Theresa Rogers in the I-bore-your-lovechild line.

According to NYDaily News, James first said she got with Tiger when she was invited to join in a threesome with a mystery man -- who turned out to be Woods -- and that he paid her and the other woman $2,000 each for "dirty" sex.

This week she changed her story: She was 19, attending a Christian school program, they started a relationship, she got pregnant but didn’t tell him and voila, Austin T. (for Tiger) James was born. She knows it was Woods because he was the only African-American she dated around that time.

James’ mother is, apparently, not too happy with her daughter’s claims and called her a “pathological liar,” saying she knows who the real dad is. According to TMZ, evidence points to some "guy from Florida."


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