The greatest trios in history

The Miami Heat can only hope LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh mesh as well as bacon, lettuce and tomato

By Chris Le
July 10, 2010 4:30AM (UTC)
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Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin celebrate Smith's second-quarter touchdown run in the NFC Championship game against the Green Bay Packers on Jan. 14, 1996.

Two might be company, but three, as the song goes, is the magic number. That's what the Miami Heat are hoping now that they've acquired the pricey trio of Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and reigning two-time MVP LeBron James. Luckily for the Heat, in basketball, the team with the three best players on the court stands a good chance of walking off as the victor.

This go-for-three philosophy isn't restricted to basketball. Or to sports, for that matter. From movies to musical troupes to deities and food -- all things, good or bad, seem to be come in intervals of three.


We can only speculate if Miami's three-player cocktail will result in championship rings, but the hype will be justified if they are half as successful as these historic trios.

Chris Le


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