Mel Gibson's potty mouth: We do the math

How many times did he actually use the F-bomb? What slurs did he use most often? Salon runs the numbers

Published July 16, 2010 10:01PM (EDT)

You can say many things about Mel Gibson: That he's a narcissist, that his career is doomed, that he's self-loathing and obsessive, that he's an anti-Semite or a racist or a domestic abuser. Also, that "The Beaver" is a really unfortunate title for his movie comeback. But we thought it was time to let Mel Gibson speak for himself.

The world's worst phone conversationalist has yet to make a public statement -- honestly, what could he say? -- but since we have a full, 3700-word transcript of the five tapes released so far by Radar Online, we decided to run some numbers on a few choice words. If the language we use says something about us, what conclusions can we come to here? We leave that for you, dear reader.

(Note: These numbers reflect Gibson's use of the word in question, not his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. For those keeping score at home, the total number of F-bombs in the exchange between the two? 129.)

fuck/fucking: 98

bitch: 16

cunt: 14

whore: 9

blow me: 7

nigger: 1

wetback: 1

me/I: 185

you/you're: 267

love: 3

angry: 3

mean: 9

dishonest: 3

insult: 2

hit/hitting: 2

bullshit: 2

gold-digger, gold-digging: 2

tits/boobs: 2

money/dollars: 13

baby/child/daughter: 10

care: 11

deserve: 3

hurt: 1

apologize: 4

career: 2

ruined: 5


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