Sandra Bullock withdraws from Gulf video

The Academy Award-winning actress shuns PSA after learning foundation's oil-company affiliations

By Chris Le
July 30, 2010 9:31PM (UTC)
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FILE - Sandra Bullock, arrives at the 82nd Academy Awards in this March 7, 2010 file photo taken in the Hollywood section of Los Angeles. In a story posted Wednesday April 28, 2010 on People magazine's website, Sandra Bullock says she has filed for divorce from her husband, Jesse James. The Oscar-winning actress also reveals that she is adopting 3 1/2-month-old boy, Louis Bardo Bullock as a single parent. (AP Photo/Amy Sancetta, File) (AP)

Sandra Bullock wants out of a public service announcement promoting restoration of the Gulf Coast. But before you start burning Bullock in effigy, know that the group that produced the campaign, Women of the Storm, is partnered with America's Wetland Foundation, which is financed by BP, Shell, ExxonMobil and other oil companies.

Upon the news, the publicist for Bullock, who has a home in New Orleans, released a statement:


Ms. Bullock was originally contacted through her attorney to be a part of the PSA in order to promote awareness of the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. At no time was she made aware that any organization, oil company or otherwise had influence over Women of the Storm or its message. We have immediately asked for her participation in the PSA be removed until the facts can be determined.

Anne Milling, founder of Women of the Storm, denies any funding from oil companies and says she hopes Bullock will rejoin the video once "she listens to the facts and understands that Women of the Storm has had no connection or taken money from oil companies."

The America's Wetland Foundation also denies wrongdoing, claiming any funding by the oil companies was for "purely scientific or ecological functions."  "We want BP to pay every damn penny that they should be paying and more," said Sidney Coffee, senior adviser for America's Wetland.

Bullock's spokeswoman, Cheryl Maisel, says the actress will continue to support awareness and the reconstruction of the Gulf Coast.


Here's the original PSA with Bullock:

Chris Le


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