Feminist remix of "thin" pretzels ad

A guerilla artist responds to a marketing campaign that claims "you can never be too thin"

Published August 4, 2010 9:10PM (EDT)

When I came across Snack Factory's latest campaign for its "thin, crunchy" Pretzel Crisps, I merely rolled my eyes and carried on with my day (my days being filled with eye-rolling encounters with advertising). A better, fiercer person than I might instead have done as the anonymous concerned citizen does in the video below. He was so offended by the ad, which features the winking copy, "You can never be too thin," that he orchestrated a guerrilla ad remix.

All it took was some scotch tape, a list of facts about anorexia and, best of all, this concise rejoinder to Pretzel Crisp's dim-witted slogan: "Actually, you can." He also alerted NYC The Blog so that there was someone on-hand to document the whole thing and then broadcast it to the world. And now we have this damn fine example of feminist culture-jamming. Take note, aspiring subvertisers. (See also: Here, here, here, here and my personal favorite here.)

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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