Elizabeth Warren gets her own rap video

Can Obama resist the combined power of Auto-Tune and a Sergio Leone homage?

Published August 16, 2010 5:44PM (EDT)

Given this blog's commitment to following every twist and turn of Elizabeth Warren's epic quest to become the first director of the Bureau for Consumer Financial Protection and thenceforth raze Wall Street to the ground, I am compelled to present you with the Sheriff Warren Rap, courtesy of the Main Street Brigade.

I think Felix Salmon is correct to observe that it is hard to "imagine anybody doing this for" any of the other candidates for the position. We could leave it at that, but I'm hoping readers will take a stab at three additional essay questions.

1) What does the Sheriff Warren rap tell us about the evolution of American politics as it pertains to the appointment of Senate-confirmable government officials?

2) Can you think of any other rap video that namechecks Oklahoma (excluding references to college football)? If not, what does this tell us about the relevance of coastal cultural enclave decadence to flyover country?

3) Explain how the cooptation of Ennio Morricone and the use of Auto-Tune increase our understanding of predatory lending.

By Andrew Leonard

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