Spencer Pratt hawks sex tape

The reality TV star, trying to cling to fame, sinks to a new low

By Chris Le
August 21, 2010 3:21AM (UTC)
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FILE - In this Nov. 16, 2009 file photo, Heidi Montag, left, and Spencer Pratt pose at a book signing event for their book "How To Be Famous" at Borders Books in New York. (AP Photo/Charles Sykes, file) (AP)

Spencer Pratt just won't go away. With his clock of fame reading 14:59, the reality TV star is reportedly shopping around the one fool-proof ticket to stardom: a sex tape. This one, Pratt claims, features him with his soon-to-be ex-wife Heidi Montag.

Pratt pitched the tape earlier today to Vivid Entertainment -- the Warner Bros. of pornographic films and the same company that distributes the naughty homemade movies of Kendra Wilkinson and Laurence Fishburne's daughter.


Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of Vivid, tells TMZ, "We are in early negotiations to possibly come to terms for a deal."

This was announced hours after Montag threatened to sue her estranged husband if he writes a tell-all book about her personal life.  And if a few salacious stories in a book had Montag considering legal action, one can only imagine her response to a sex tape. (Think Kathy Bates in "Misery" plus Lorena Bobbit multiplied by 100.)

According to TMZ, Spencer told a friend that the alleged video "makes Kim Kardashian" -- whose own sex tape spring-boarded her to fame -- "look like an amateur."


With all this speculation, though, one question begs to be answered: Is it pre- or post-op Heidi?

Chris Le


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