NYC cabbie allegedly stabbed for being Muslim

Police say passenger slashed taxi driver's throat after asking the driver if he was a Muslim. Both hospitalized

Published August 25, 2010 2:50PM (EDT)

According to New York news channel NY1, a cab driver was stabbed in Manhattan last night by a passenger. According to police accounts, the passenger asked the driver if he was a Muslim. When the driver said he was, the passenger allegedly slashed the driver in the throat, arm, and lip.

The passenger and driver are both at Bellevue Hospital.

Statements from unnamed NYPD investigators often aren't worth the pages of the New York Post they're printed on, but if this is an accurate account of the crime, I think we all owe Jonah Goldberg a big apology, for taking him seriously enough to argue with his stupid column.

By Alex Pareene

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