Mom accused of faking son's cancer due in court

Detroit woman allegedly made son believe he had leukemia, pocketed thousands from church fundraiser

Published October 1, 2010 5:05PM (EDT)

A Detroit-area mother who told her 12-year-old son he had leukemia, shaved his head and eyebrows, and held a church fundraiser that pulled in more than $7,000 from sympathizers is due in court.

Forty-seven year-old Carol Lynn Schnuphase of Warren will be arraigned Friday in Roseville, Mich. Schnuphase faces two counts of false pretenses over $1,000, which carry sentences of up to five years.

She also will be charged with one count of second-degree child abuse, a felony with a sentence of up to four years.

A telephone listing for Schnuphase was disconnected. The child is in foster care.

Authorities say the boy didn't have leukemia, and that Schnuphase drugged her son's applesauce with opiates to make him appear lethargic.

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