Obama: We should have sold our policies better

The president acknowledged Thursday that he may not have taken enough time to explain his policies to the public

Published October 21, 2010 5:58PM (EDT)

President Barack Obama acknowledged Thursday he hasn't done enough to sell policies like health care and the stimulus bill to voters who seem poised to resoundingly reject them -- and Democrats -- on Nov. 2.

"We had to move so fast, we were in such emergency mode, that it was very difficult for us to spend time a lot doing victory laps and advertising exactly what we were doing," Obama said, "because we had to move onto the next thing."

"I take some responsibility for that," said Obama, speaking in Seattle at one of a host of campaign events he'll attend in the next three days as he strives to help fellow Democrats keep control of Congress.

Obama spoke to a gathering of women voters in the midst of his longest campaign swing as president, a four-day trip through Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada and Minnesota.

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