Roundup: Bikini babes and eco-activism

Company sells solar panels with skin. Also, a columnist with past "inappropriate behavior" defends Clarence Thomas

Published October 27, 2010 1:01AM (EDT)

A shot from the "Renewable Girls" calendar.
A shot from the "Renewable Girls" calendar.
  • Newspapers argue that disclosing the names of the four women suing Joe Francis is an issue of free speech, even though they were minors when they appeared in the "Girls Gone Wild" video in question.
  • Esquire suggests that women might save Brett Favre's career.
  • Miss the premiere of the documentary "The Assassination of Dr. Tiller" on last night's "Rachel Maddow Show"? Now you can catch it online.
  • Why are men with sisters happier? Maybe it's because "men, like women, talk more often to their sisters than to their brothers."
  • The Washington Post's Richard Cohen makes light of the revived scrutiny of Clarence Thomas -- and then some point out that the columnist was himself accused of "inappropriate behavior" toward a 23-year-old editorial assistant.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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