Lou Dobbs to Fox Business

Too crazy for CNN? Cable's second-place "business" channel will have you

By Alex Pareene
Published November 10, 2010 8:30PM (EST)
Lou Dobbs
Lou Dobbs

Fired from your old media job because your racist comments embarrassed the management? Good news: The largely unwatched Fox Business Channel will have you! That's the current cable TV home of Don Imus, and now they've picked up the vastly more vile Lou Dobbs, formerly of CNN.

"Dobbs will develop and host a new daily program premiering in the first quarter of 2011," Fox says.

Dobbs was let go from CNN because his populist independent shtick was based mostly on relentless fear-mongering about immigration, complete with baldly racist lies about "illegals" and the endorsement of conspiracy theories involving brown people seizing control of the American Southwest. It was a gross, indefensible performance, and instead of defending it Dobbs usually just pretends he's always been an ally of the poor, put-upon immigrant.

(Of course Dobbs really didn't step in it at CNN until he began wading into Birther territory.)

Will Fox Business Lou be the fiery bigot or the "surprisingly reasonable" libertarian? Does it matter? Either way he's a reprehensible fraud.

The Fox Business Network was always a silly idea, because the regular cable business channel is already explicitly conservative, so now it seems increasingly like Fox Business is just Fox News 2, with a stock ticker. Lou Dobbs used to be a real business reporter, ages ago, but he discovered that repeating Rush Limbaugh's punchlines is more lucrative.

Alex Pareene

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