New York Times' most popular stories ever

"Thomas Friedman: I Kinda Wanna Make Out With China" -- and other classics

Erin Judge
November 19, 2010 11:17PM (UTC)

The New York Times online provides us with blissful hours of news browsing, not to mention countless opportunities to purchase Movado watches. The paper-of-record-gone-paperless also lets us all in on the truth about our real interests and priorities via the "MOST POPULAR" box on the homepage. So here, fellow Grey Lady groupies, is a list of the most e-mailed articles of all time.

  1. The Minimalist: Ramen Noodles With Salty Packet Sauce
  2. Poll Suggests Majority of Baby Boomers Intend to Cheat Death Indefinitely
  3. Well: How to Cheat Death Indefinitely: A Guide for Baby Boomers
  4. 36 Hours in the Gowanus Canal
  5. David Brooks: Research Is for Liberals
  6. Well: How to Burn Calories While Getting Your Kid Into a First-Tier College
  7. The Pour: Using Oenophile Jargon to Rationalize Ordering the Second Cheapest Bottle on the List
  8. Thomas Friedman: I Kinda Wanna Make Out with China
  9. Maureen Dowd: Inscrutable Fake Dialogue Utterly Devoid of Context
  10. A Thing Happened at Harvard
  11. Magazine Preview: A Slightly Different Take on an Increasingly Common Diagnosis
  12. Gail Collins: Shucks, I'm Adorable!
  13. The Lede: Liveblogging the Assistant Deputy Comptroller's Debate
  14. Paul Krugman: Mr. Keynes, Please Stop Haunting My Dreams
  15. Nicholas D. Kristof: Disadvantaged Individual From Developing Nation Overcomes Staggering Adversity to Become a Much Better Person Than Any of You
  16. Modern Love: My Unrequited Crush on a Career in Narrative Nonfiction
  17. Frank Rich: Newsmaking Politician Is a Hopelessly Out-of-Touch Feckless Hack
  18. Tweeting Toward Bethlehem
  19. Magazine Preview: Photographs of Michael Pollan and Alice Waters Surrounded by Vibrant, Abundant, Organic Produce Grown Three Thousand Miles Away From New York City
  20. Lindsay Lohan Is the Name of a Movie Star
  21. Away From the Headlines, One-and-a-Half Wars Apparently Continue to Rage
  22. Editorial: The Lifeblood of Democracy and Western Civilization That Is Print Journalism Must Be Preserved at All Costs
  23. Vows: B-List Celebrity and Regular Person
  24. The Pour: The Best Wines for Getting Your Kid Into College
  25. The Minimalist: No-Cook Cheese on Store-Bought Bread

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