Salon's Celebrity Gift Guide: Snooki

From fluffy slippers to yoga wear -- the perfect presents for the pampered princess

By Joe Coscarelli
Published November 28, 2010 12:01AM (UTC)
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When not on reality television, Snooki may live at home, but she still gets what she wants. Spoiled, verging on bratty, lovable -- it's all about the pampering and the partying.

  • A Snooki would squeal for these fluffy thong slippers ($6.80) from Forever 21, perfect for shuffling around the house in her pajamas. They come in black or turquoise, but both colors feature beaded button accents for extra panache. Toenail polish from her latest pedicure will not be obscured and the furry comfort is a must after the hurt of last night's high heels.
  • A fireside jacket from Lululemon ($98), purveyor of upscale athletic wear, is more classy, but still squarely in the Snooki style, appropriate for the aforementioned daytime lounging, but equally suited for errands (tanning, hair salon) or working off the party pounds at yoga. Stellar in sport grey and seniorita pink, it's also available in lolo purple or coal and river rock. Also included: a hood for any pre-hairstyling time of the day.
  • These oversize Balmain sunglasses by Oliver Peoples ($595) are the optimum hangover blockers. Perfect for the runway or the boardwalk, the limited edition shades were created by a Parisian couture house and feature an "exaggerated teardrop lens shape" -- ideal for avoiding prying eyes while appearing impossibly chic.

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