Year in Crazy: The Top 10

Slide show: Will Glenn Beck reign supreme again? Could John McCain finally win? We ranked our favorite offenders

Published December 26, 2010 12:01AM (EST)

Jenny McCarthy, Glenn Beck and Sen. John McCain
Jenny McCarthy, Glenn Beck and Sen. John McCain

We often say it's been a crazy year, but this time: We have proof. For 12 months now, Salon has turned a spotlight on the nutty, the certifiable, the gobsmackingly cockeyed in news and culture with our "This Week in Crazy" feature, which came to you every Saturday thanks to the superb duo of Alex Pareene and Mary Elizabeth Williams. The series began in 2009 with a year-end story crowning Glenn Beck the king of cracked. Now, as we wind down a year that has included one midterm election, several heated debates over gay civil rights and a million tears shed on cable news, we count down the people who truly hit out of the park. People, we present your Class of Crazy 2010. -- Sarah Hepola

By Salon Staff

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