U.S. official apologizes to Peru over leaked cables

One dispatch said President Alan Garcia had "a colossal ego," along with other charges and insults

Published December 27, 2010 6:49PM (EST)

A top diplomat says Washington has apologized to Peru for leaked diplomatic cables about the country.

Arturo Valenzuela is assistant U.S. secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs. He tells RPP radio that he and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton spoke with Peruvian officials about the matter.

One cable released by WikiLeaks said President Alan Garcia had "a colossal ego," was rumored to suffer from manic depression or bipolar disorder and may have had "numerous" extramarital affairs.

Another reported speculation linking Peru's military chief to drug corruption. He denies the allegation.

Valenzuela said Monday that the State Department is "looking at how to turn the page so this does not affect our relationship."

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