Ohio cancer cluster stumps investigators

Dozens of children are sick and three are dead in mysterious Lake Erie area outbreak of Leukemia and other diseases

Published December 30, 2010 11:15PM (EST)

Ohio health investigators have spent more than three years trying to find what is behind a mysterious cancer cluster that has sickened dozens of children in a rural area between Cleveland and Toledo.

So far, no causes have been found despite tests on water, air and at homes and schools in the area of Clyde.

Since 1996, 35 children have been diagnosed with several different types of cancer and leukemia and three have died. All live within a 12-mile-wide circle just south of Lake Erie.

Ohio health officials plan to release a new report soon after interviewing the sick children and their families, hoping to find a link they may have overlooked.

Some parents say that without any answers, they're left to question whether living within a known cancer cluster puts their kids in danger.

By John Seewer

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