Brett Favre's sister arrested in meth bust

Authorities detain Brandi Favre in Mississippi on felony charges

By Amy Steinberg
Published January 13, 2011 8:25PM (EST)
Brandi Favre
Brandi Favre

Brandi Favre, quarterback Brett Favre's 34-year-old sister, was one of five people arrested yesterday on felony charges for allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine and generating toxic waste. Police say the group ran the lab from a condominium in Diamondhead, Miss., with one gram of the substance cooking and nine ready to sell when authorities busted the complex.  (That's a whole lot of meth, apparently.)

According to Hancock County Sheriffs Major Matt Karl, “She’s always in trouble.” Perhaps Brandi will take a cue from Brett this year and retire from her recreational activities.

Brandi’s bail is set at $40,000.  If convicted, she faces 60 years in prison.

Brett Favre had a difficult 2010, what with getting sued for sexual harassment and all. Unfortunately for him, 2011 isn't shaping up to be much better.

Here's a Bleacher Report slideshow on misbehaving athlete relatives.  

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