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Glenn Greenwald
January 31, 2011 5:32PM (UTC)

(updated below)

Last week, I wrote that I had a bad flu and likely wouldn't be writing for at least a few days.  As it turns out, I don't have the flu, but rather dengue fever, combined with some still-unknown secondary problem.  I'd strongly prefer not to write about this but I had to cancel the series of speeches I was to give this week at various California colleges and, after notifying them of the reason, at least one of the event sponsors disclosed my condition to those inquiring about the event, so it's already been posted by well-intentioned people in various places.  Moreover, as Andrew Sullivan pointed out when writing about the illness that prevented him from blogging all last week, it's basically impossible to write everyday for years and then suddenly disappear without providing your readers with an explanation, as much as one might loathe writing about personal matters (as I do).


In any event, I've been in the hospital since Wednesday and will likely be here at least a few more days, so there won't be any postings for a little while longer.  Things aren't getting substantially worse, which is good, but they're not really getting better either, and until that happens, this lovely little hospital room will continue to be my home.  The wi-fi access provided by the hospital is both a blessing and a curse; I'd likely go even crazier than I am if I were confined here without it, but I'm neither permitted nor able to work at all, and there have been all sorts of things over the last week that I've had to fight not to write about -- like this (the video) and this and this and this and this and this.  Ultimately, though, a miserable medical condition combined with a frustrating uncertainty over its resolution makes resisting that temptation, and following the advice of one's doctors, rather easy.

Feel free to use the comment section here for all reasonable discussions.  And thanks to those who have emailed well wishes.  I haven't been able to answer any of those -- or virtually any of my other email over the last week -- but it is appreciated.



UPDATE (Wed.): Good news: as a result of suddenly encouraging blood tests yesterday and then even better ones this morning, I've been declared in recovery and was released from the hospital this morning, having just arrived home -- exhausted but ecstatic. It'll take a few days or so for me to return to writing, but all the truly horrendous parts are over. Thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes; it really did help a lot, and they were truly appreciated.

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