Your best take: Young stepmothers

"All I see are posters with their own hang-ups, petty jealousies and made-up concerns about age and a child"

Published February 1, 2011 5:02PM (EST)

Emma Cline's essay about mothering the 7-year-old daughter of her 34-year-old live-in boyfriend provoked criticism and sympathy, but our favorite response comes from maxmaw:

Harsh critics and ignorant to boot

Many of us, older than the majority of these posters, have grown up in broken marriages, separated by traumatic circumstances, and hurtful memories of our childhood - I'm one of them, older now, and the beneficiary of even more lessons in adulthood. But, to second-guess the author of this short story is condescension of the worst sort. These are three youthful people making their own way in the world, and the age differences are relative and will be meaningless in another decade. In the meantime, all I see are posters with their own hang-ups, petty jealousies, and made-up concerns about age and a child. You need to grow-up, offer constructive advice if need be, and appreciate the story for what is - a short story, creatively written, with a protagonist, narrative and a resolution. Thank you, Ms. Cline.

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