Your best take: Married to a convict

A man who served in corrections for two decades weighs in on Amy Friedman's tale of finding romance behind bars

Published February 8, 2011 6:38PM (EST)

Amy Friedman's story of falling in love -- and marrying -- a convicted murderer prompted heated response from our readers. Our favorite came from Bill Owen:

I worked in Corrections for 20 years

And most murderers typically have normal psychological profiles and histories.

Most of them just got caught up in a bad situation and pulled that gun or knife then used it.

The recidivism rate for murder is very very low.

Salon just did a piece on a prison librarian who wrote a book on his prison work. His big insight? They are not like "us" we are like "them."

So marrying a murderer is just like marrying anyone else. Quelle surprise!

Les français is for you Professor Satre! Bonne chance in your hunt for a woman who will put up with you!

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