Kissing by the numbers

You ever wonder how many calories you burn while smooching? A video from "GOOD" breaks down the lip-locking stats

By Drew Grant
March 11, 2011 11:12PM (UTC)
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Fact: women who throw pottery while listening to "Unchained Melody" are four times more likely to kiss a ghost in their lifetime.

Did you know that a passionate kiss burns 6.4 calories a minute? Or that playing tonsil-hockey can be 10 times more potent morphine? Did you also know "Armageddon" is a fantastic movie? All this knowledge and more thrown your way courtesy of multimedia magazine "GOOD," which has put together this little informational video with all kinds of interesting kissing factoids overlaid with clips of infamous movie smooches.


It's like "Pop Up Video", but for making out! (Note to self: If the 90s do end up making a comeback, please ask them to reinstate "Pop-Up Video." They were the best.)

Drew Grant

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