Bill Cosby calls out Donald Trump for being "full of it"

The comedian went on "Today" to express his disgust of the possible presidential candidate

Published April 8, 2011 8:09PM (EDT)

Prepare to feel Cosby wrath!
Prepare to feel Cosby wrath!

Wow, didn't see that one coming: Bill Cosby went on "Today" for a brief segment this morning  just to express his total lack of respect for Donald Trump's faux-presidential bid. It was awesome. Bill doesn't even express a political ideology, his argument is that Donald is being a little wiener by not announcing whether or not he is running while "The Apprentice" is still on.

"You run, or you shut up," said a man who, up until now, I mostly respected for his sweater collection. I didn't even know Bill Cosby could get this upset, but it is a righteous and awesome anger.

Then again, this is Bill Cosby we're talking about, so he managed to sneak in a little Smothers Brothers/Pat Paulson reference for all the folks back home who remember who those guys are.

Is there a way we can convince the 73-year-old to run under the "Donald Trump is Full Of It" campaign?


By Drew Grant

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