Bill Cosby calls out Donald Trump for being "full of it"

The comedian went on "Today" to express his disgust of the possible presidential candidate

By Drew Grant

Published April 8, 2011 8:09PM (EDT)

Prepare to feel Cosby wrath!
Prepare to feel Cosby wrath!

Wow, didn't see that one coming: Bill Cosby went on "Today" for a brief segment this morning  just to express his total lack of respect for Donald Trump's faux-presidential bid. It was awesome. Bill doesn't even express a political ideology, his argument is that Donald is being a little wiener by not announcing whether or not he is running while "The Apprentice" is still on.

"You run, or you shut up," said a man who, up until now, I mostly respected for his sweater collection. I didn't even know Bill Cosby could get this upset, but it is a righteous and awesome anger.

Then again, this is Bill Cosby we're talking about, so he managed to sneak in a little Smothers Brothers/Pat Paulson reference for all the folks back home who remember who those guys are.

Is there a way we can convince the 73-year-old to run under the "Donald Trump is Full Of It" campaign?


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