The rooms that steal the show

Slide show: Some movie and TV sets are so luxurious, you just want to move in. Here are our favorites

By DG Strong

Published April 10, 2011 11:01PM (EDT)

HBO's "Mildred Pierce" is a lot to think about. I don't mean Kate Winslet's amazing performance or Todd Haynes' detailed direction of James M. Cain's rags-to-riches portrait of a down-on-her-luck single mother. No, I mean the lamp in Mildred's living room. I mean the curtains in Veda's bedroom. The vase of flowers on that table in the hall of Monty's mansion. I keep having to stop and start my DVR when I realize I've missed an entire scene because I'm trying to figure out if I can work that chair over there in the corner into my hard-to-arrange living room. I mean! If Mildred's Spanish bungalow is supposed to make me feel sorry for her, uh, yeah, that ain't working. Sign me up for lower middle class!

But there are other rooms in movies that have gripped my imagination over the years as well. Here are a few -- and I know yours will be different; there's an enormous number of possibilities and they're all incredibly personal. Please post yours in the comments so that when I win the lottery, I'll have some design ideas.

DG Strong


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