"Spring Spheres" enrage Fox anchors

What's next? The liberal schools are going to try to take religion out of Jesus' bunny rabbits?!

By Drew Grant

Published April 15, 2011 1:16PM (EDT)

"This! This is a sphere!"
"This! This is a sphere!"

Is this real? This seems like one of those Onion News Video. If it is real, well done to the school that managed to make this Fox anchor so angry that "she can't even say it…" when they renamed Easter Eggs "Spring Spheres." They are taking religion out of a totally non-religious icon that we for some reason associate with the death of Christ. WTF!

Though the male co-anchor here does have a point. These aren't really spheres. I like that he has the literal definition handy though, just in case. Because it's really the spheres part that bother them, not taking the word "Easter" out of it.


Drew Grant

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