"Scream 4": a blind review

What's your favorite scary movie? That's a tough question for Tommy Edison, a critic who with no sense of sight

By Drew Grant
April 19, 2011 2:36AM (UTC)
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Wes Craven's masterpiece is little more than sound if you can't see the fury.

For the blind, buying a ticket to a horror or action movie must seem like a waste of time. Most of these films have sounds that 90 percent explosions, Hans Zimmer chords, and screaming. To add insult to injury, the little dialogue these movies offer are trite and cliched.

Which is something I never considered before watching the premiere episode of the Blind Film Critic, a new site by radio personality and former mayor of Connecticut (for a day) Tommy Edison. In his review of "Scream 4" Edison, who has been blind since birth, gleefully eviscerates the slasher film for its many non-visual shortcomings.


"The girls in this movie, all they seem to do is complain and scream, that's it."

Somehow, with that one sentence Tommy managed to encapsulate the biggest problem facing this genre since its inception. Can't wait for the next installment.


Drew Grant

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