Huffington Post's "Most Read" section remains a ridiculous farce

Today's top stories: racism, Obama, death, taxes, and what is that white stuff on Vanessa Hudgens' finger?

By Drew Grant
Published April 19, 2011 11:20PM (UTC)
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The very important matter of Vanessa Hudgens and some "stuff" in today's news.

It is not news to anyone that Huffington Post balances out its critical political analysis with a bunch of celebrity slide shows about hot bikini bodies. Hey, something needs to bring in the traffic, and a lot of days Cameron Diaz making out with A-Rod is just going to get more clicks than a story on Obama and the deficit.

I also understand that PopEater is not Huffington Post, but rather an affiliated website also owned by AOL. These are all true things. And yet, I can't help feeling like today's sidebar is detracting from the website's credibility somehow.


For those of you wondering about the "white stuff," it turned out to be chocolate. And for those wondering who Vanessa Hudgens is, maybe you need to read more Huffington Post and/or watch "High School Musical." 

Drew Grant

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