Praying among the bullet holes

Last year, dozens were killed in a Baghdad church. As sectarian violence intensifies, we talk to the people there

By Karlos Zurutuza

Published April 24, 2011 9:01PM (EDT)

On Friday, the pope urged Christians in war-torn Iraq "to resist the temptation to emigrate, which is very understandable in the conditions they are living in."

Grave conditions, indeed. The survivors of the deadliest attack against Iraq's Christians still attend mass amid the destruction left when suicide bombers killed dozens of attendees last October. They are the last members of a community that is perishing by the day. Today, on Easter Sunday, we take a closer look at their story. (All photos by Karlos Zurutuza.)

Karlos Zurutuza

Karlos Zurutuza is a freelance photo-journalist based in San Sebastian, Spain.

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