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A new way to read Salon on your iPad: Add us a section in the much-loved "social magazine" app

Published May 1, 2011 5:02PM (EDT)

Salon as seen on Flipboard
Salon as seen on Flipboard

If you're an iPad owner, you're almost certainly a Flipboard user as well. And if so, I have good news for you. The lovely and talented people behind the free app have created a custom page design for displaying Salon stories within Flipboard. If you already follow @Salon on Twitter and use Flipboard to read your tweets, you'll see these new pages any time you encounter a link to a Salon story. Even better: To specifically browse Salon within Flipboard, tap "Add a Section" at the top level of the app, then search for "@Salon" and tap to add. And voilà.

We're in great company as a Flipboard Pages partner (joining Rolling Stone, Forbes, The Guardian and more) and are thankful to the Flipboard team for making this happen.

It's just one more way for you to get Salon where you want it. Let us know what you think --

By Karen Templer

Karen Templer is the director of product development and design at Salon. Follow her on Twitter at

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