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While deadly storms loomed large, there were also heroic children and miracle dogs

Published May 1, 2011 3:02PM (EDT)

Josh Goldenberg is spreading braille labels across his hometown.
Josh Goldenberg is spreading braille labels across his hometown.

Much of the news that dominates headlines and telecasts in a given week is bound to get you down. But here are a collection of stories guaranteed to make you smile.

  • Josh Goldenberg, a six-year-old born blind, is on a mission to post braille labels all throughout his hometown, starting with Whole Foods and Trader Joe's. (NBC News)

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  • Eleven-year-old Kenzie Chavino has spearheaded an effort to deliver 70,000 handmade messages to the elderly in order to raise awareness of senior hunger issues. (Huffington Post
  • A baby gorilla debuted this week at the the Twycross Zoo in the United Kingdom. (Rueters)

  • The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is donating $20 million to developing digital education platforms. (AP
  • A federal appellate court ruled Friday that taxpayer dollars can be used toward embryonic stem cell research, a move widely praised by the scientific community. (Boston Globe
  • Two Golden Retrievers in Oregon miraculously survived a nearly 200-foot fall down a cliff at the edge of the Clackamas river. (AP)
  • Researchers have discovered that a $50 drug -- used for treating a degenerative eye disorder that impacts 250,000 Americans -- is just as effective as a similar treatment 200 times more expensive. (AP
  • Of course, no weekly recap would be complete without the requisite Royal Wedding reference. So, for your viewing pleasure, a Westminster verger doing a cartwheel. (CNN

By Peter Finocchiaro

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