"Teen Mom" stars wish they had been cuddling

A new Mother's Day commercial for MTV shows Amber Portwood and company sharing their regret

By Drew Grant
Published May 6, 2011 3:34PM (EDT)
Amber Portwood and her daughter Leah Leann Shirley from "Teen Mom."
Amber Portwood and her daughter Leah Leann Shirley from "Teen Mom."

The stars of MTV's "Teen Mom" have filmed a PSA  about safe sex and how they wished they had waited. "I wish we would have cuddled" more than one of them says, in a commercial airing on the network for Mother's Day.

Well, hey, at least MTV is being more realistic than the abstinence-only message pushed by teen mom Bristol Palin.

It's strange, though. None of these moms – who are really only known to us because they are famous for having children at such a young age – say that they are happy with their decision. Of course that kind of message (Amber Portwood is glad she had a kid in high school!) wouldn't be likely to get very far, especially since MTV has positioned the show as more of a cautionary tale than a reality star haven. Plus, this is still a public service announcement after all, not a bad-idea machine.

Drew Grant

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