Stewart reacts to bin Laden home videos

"Bin Laden was a rare combination: not only was he evil, he was lame"

Published May 10, 2011 12:45PM (EDT)

Jon Stewart on Monday night's "Daily Show."
Jon Stewart on Monday night's "Daily Show."

On last night's "Daily Show," Jon Stewart reacted to the much-hyped (but ultimately relatively boring) Osama bin Laden "home videos" released by the Pentagon this weekend.

The Pentagon footage revealed that the terror leader dyed his beard when taping propaganda messages; Navy SEALs also reportedly found a natural virility enhancer, Avena syrup, in bin Laden's compound, prompting Stewart to joke that he "[felt] bad for the courier who had to do Osama's shopping at the Abbottabad CVS."

Watch the full clip here:

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By Emma Mustich

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