Pop Torn: 10 pieces of culture we're feeling iffy about

This week we're on the fence about Gwyneth Paltrow's gangsta rap, Miley Cyrus nudity and Jim Carrey on "The Office"

Published May 21, 2011 1:02PM (EDT)

Since there is a chance we won't make it through tomorrow, let's pretend that we lived this last week in peace and harmony. Also, let's pretend Lars von Trier didn't make that Hitler comment. So, while reading the pop culture tidbits from this week, close your eyes, try to smile, and remember that it will all be over soon.

1. Andy Samberg interviewed by "Sesame Street's" Bert: It's like "Between Two Ferns" but with puppets. Can we put in a request for Bert to interview Zach Galifianakis next?

2. Jim Carrey's cameo on "The Office": Wait, that was it? I've seen Jim mug to the camera for longer than Carrey's bit.

3. New "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" writer already looking for new job: Hey, if he can save this show, maybe he can punch up Matthew Morrison's dialogue on "Glee."

4. Gwyneth Paltrow rapping "Straight Outta Compton":

For all we know, N.W.A. was also talking about throwing elaborate dinner parties and trading tips from their "gardening expert" Jose in between laying down tracks for "Fuck tha Police."

5. Miley Cyrus poses topless: What's the big deal? At least now she's of age.

6. The CDC is telling you officially how to survive a zombie apocalypse: Guessing this is for an older generation, because everyone under the age of 40 has already drawn up a game plan for when the undead rise.

7. Justin Bieber cologne: Now you too can smell like pimples and ego!

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar is back on the CW: Well, technically "Buffy" was on the WB, which became part of the CW. But hey, who is excited for "Ringer?"

9. Track Palin gets married: Wait, which one is Track?

10. Sean Penn in "This Must Be the Place":

He's either playing a depressed drag queen or me in high school.

By Drew Grant

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