The world's most surreal landscapes

From moonscapes in Chile to mysterious fire pits in Turkey, we explore places that transport you to another planet

Published May 22, 2011 8:01PM (EDT)

In André Breton's 1924 manifesto, surrealism is sketched out as the "juxtaposition of two more or less distant realities." There are certain spots on earth where nature clashes in just this way, creating disjointed, unreal terrain of stark contrasts -- backdrops that would feel right at home in a Dalí or Magritte painting. There are also real-life places -- some quite ordinary, others bizarre -- that turn up in the dreamscapes of surrealist paintings, poems, films and stories.

The surreal evokes a landscape of emptiness and stillness that is filled by the movement of the imagination -- dry riverbeds, sculpted ice floes, monolithic formations, continental rifts, dead-end lakes, blurred horizons, endless visual repetitions. Have you ventured into the terrain of the surreal in your travels? Find more subconscious-stimulating juxtapositions on Trazzler.

By Megan Cytron

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