"Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody" without the porn.

"Star Trek" porn re-created without the sex

So basically just a "Next Generation" episode with action figures

Drew Grant
May 23, 2011 8:24PM (UTC)

"Star Trek" fans are amazing. I can't think of one other group that would be so dedicated to removing the sex from a porn parody about their show just so they could focus more on the plot (except maybe "Battlestar" fanatics). Yet that's exactly what German über-nerd Norman Szczepanski has done with "Star Trek: The Next Generation: A XXX Parody."

It turns out the filmmakers of this porn must have been "Star Trek" fans themselves, because they somehow managed to get a guy that looked like Patrick Stewart to star in their adult film.


As it turns out, when you take away all the hardcore boning from the film and replace the characters with action figures, what you're left with is a pretty coherent and in-universe "Star Trek" episode.

(Totally SFW)

I don't know, for some reason the fact that a guy took the time to remove all the dirty bits and replace the characters with dolls makes "The Next Generation" porn even creepier than it was originally.

Drew Grant

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