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Today's catch: A special actor for "The Office," Woody Allen's mainstream success, cats on stuff, and more!

Published June 24, 2011 10:25PM (EDT)

James Spader is intense on "The Office."
James Spader is intense on "The Office."

1. Tumblr of the day: Cat on My Stuff. It's like Stuff on My Cat, except the opposite.

2. Twin fail of the day: Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss not only abandoned the appeal of their $65 million settlement with Zuckerberg; now it looks like the duo won't be getting to row in the 2012 Olympics.

3. Woody win of the day: "Midnight in Paris" has become the highest-grossing Woody Allen film since "Hannah and her Sisters."

4. "Friday Night" news of the day: "Friday Night Lights'" Jesse Plemons (who played Landry Clarke, or the one who looked like a towheaded Matt Damon) has a real-life band that isn't terrible! Here are Cowboys and Indians with "Troubled Tracks." 


5. "Office" perk of the day: It may be too good to be true, but according to sources, James Spader is in talks to join the cast of "The Office" next season.  This was after his amazing turn on the season finale as a potential boss for Dunder-Mifflin. Now he might get to be CEO. Seriously, baller:

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