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Watch: Charlie Sheen's face mask, Sasha Grey's music video, and hand-hacking (whatever that is)

Published June 27, 2011 6:09PM (EDT)

Can you control this hand?
Can you control this hand?

1. Sasha Grey in Eminem's new video, "Space Bound"

Last year it was Megan Fox who starred in an Eminem video. Now it's Sasha Grey. Which siren will the hip-hop star rap to in an open field next time?

Eminem - Space Bound [1080p HD Official Video] by AdwiinMusicDotCom


2. Remote hand-plucking

If you are too lazy to actually learn an instrument, this device will electrically stimulate the nerve endings on your arm, twitching you into becoming practically a virtuoso.

3. Reporter giggles over farts

Looks, farts are just funny. Not even Walter Cronkite could have told this story without losing it.


4. The Charlie Sheen mask you never asked for

Now you won't have to waste any time on Halloween making your son's Charlie Sheen mask from scratch. Also comes in hyper-realistic version with trail of cocaine mucus trailing down nostril.


5. The official trailer for Pixar's "Brave"

It's a little bit of a departure from "Cars 2."


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