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Watch: Beyonce in a veil, the Octomom's low media fee, and a comparison of overweight men falling down

By Drew Grant
Published July 8, 2011 5:55PM (EDT)
Beyonce in "Best Thing I Never Had."
Beyonce in "Best Thing I Never Had."

1. The Batman danger's always funny series "After Hours" discusses the real menace to Gotham City.


2. Update: Fat men falling down still considered humorous

This side-by-side comparison of the pratfalls of Chris Farley and Kevin James may look suspiciously similar, until you realize both guys are just ripping off "The Three Stooges."


3. Beyoncé's "Best"

Ever wanted to see what the singer's wedding would look like? She gives you a hypothetical glimpse in the new video for her breakup ballad, "Best Thing I Never Had."


4. Octomom on "Today"

Wait… NBC isn't paying Nadya Suleman for interviews now? Not like I'm any great defender of the Octomom, but "Good Morning America" allegedly offered that Botox mommy $10K to go on the show, and she only had one kid's mouth to feed.

5. Not Safe Furs Work

The Handsome Fur's awesome (but graphic and NSFW) music video for "What About Us?"

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