Justin Timberlake asked out by YouTube Marine

After pushing Mila Kunis to accept a date to the Marine Corps Ball, the star is put in the same spot

Published July 13, 2011 12:01PM (EDT)

Will Corporal Kelsey De Santis' video convince Justin to take her to the ball?
Will Corporal Kelsey De Santis' video convince Justin to take her to the ball?

On Monday I was giving big ups to Justin Timberlake for helping Sgt. Scott Moore score a date with Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball in November. You see, Scott had made a YouTube video asking Mila out, and the whole thing got picked up by the Huffington Post, inevitably making its way back to Kunis and her publicist. She might have found a way to decline, but her "Friends With Benefits" costar happened to be with her when a Fox News journalist asked the actress whether she had seen the video. Justin essentially told Mila it was her patriotic duty to go on a date with the Marine, and so now she is.

Justin had better be ready to put his money where his mouth is, because Cpl. Kelsey De Santis, currently the only female serving at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence at Marine Corps Base Quantico, has made a video for J.T.:

There's no gracious way for Justin to bow out of going to the ball with De Santis after promising Mila to another Marine. The Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina is going to have more paparazzi outside it this year than a Hilton birthday bash, which I'm hoping will kick off a new trend of celebrities dating servicemen and women. Because lord knows I'm sick of seeing celebrities date each other.

By Drew Grant

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