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Today's catch: China bites into fake Apple, Colbert gets real for gay teens, Shakespeare as you've never heard it

By Drew Grant
Published July 20, 2011 11:01PM (EDT)
Ceci n'est pas une Mac store.
Ceci n'est pas une Mac store.

1. Fake Apple of the day: A blogger documents Beijing's amazingly realistic Apple stores that aren't really Apple stores. What are they, then? Art project? Knock-off stores selling fake Mac products? An inside joke by Steve Jobs? Who knows!

2. Real Doherty of the day: Shannon Doherty will star in a reality show for WEtv with fiancé Kurt Iswarienko about how hard it is to plan their wedding. You just know she's doing it to piss off former "90210" costar Tori Spelling.

3. Out of character of the day: Stephen Colbert plays it straight in this moving "It Gets Better" video.

4. Pros and (Comic-)Cons of the day: Alex Balk writes on his misgivings about the San Diego nerd festival. Surprisingly, that "Burn Notice" panel doesn't make it onto his list.

5. Impressions of the day: All hail, Jim Meskimen, who delivers a monologue from "Richard III" with the voices of 25 different celebrities.

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