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A wheeling turtle, record-breaking blob jumps, and Al Franken's wrath

Published July 21, 2011 9:22PM (EDT)

Half turtle, half machine, all awesome.
Half turtle, half machine, all awesome.

1. Al Franken calls out Christian right organization for being lying liars:

Al Franken's never been a fan of anti-gay groups, but now that he's a senator, it's all the more sweet to watch him just rip into the vice president of Focus on the Family for saying children are better off with a father and a mother.

2. Bionic turtle!

Am I horrible for thinking about how fast this little guy could go if we replaced all his legs with wheels?

3. The Ryan Gosling tour of adorableness continues: After making sure no one puts Al Roker in a corner, the handsome actor went on Jimmy Fallon with his dog, Patches.

Are you kidding me, Gosling? We already love you so much! You are going to make us explode! (You can watch the second half of the interview here.)

4. Guy sets world record with "blob jump":

I didn't know that the bar was set so high for blob jumping, but these Swiss guys were determined to make sure nobody blobbing under 17 meters would ever take their place in the Guinness Book of World Records.

5. "Paranormal Activity 3" trailer:

I feel like the only way these movies can continue the "found footage" trend is if they start uploading the whole film in incremental parts on YouTube and wait for people to put them together.

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