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Today's catch: "Machete" in space, the loss of Barbie's founder, and Dreamworks' fighting words

Published July 22, 2011 11:01PM (EDT)

Mattel co-founder and Barbie creator Elliot Handler passes at 95.
Mattel co-founder and Barbie creator Elliot Handler passes at 95.

1. Studio slap-down of the day: CEO of Dreamworks Animation Jeffrey Katzenberg just putting it out there, asking people at a Fortune conference to raise their hands, "if the last seven or eight months of movies is the worst lineup of movies you've experienced in the last five years of your life." I would have raised mine, but only because I saw "Kung Fu Panda 2" recently. Sorry, Katzenberg.

2. Cult's cult of the day: I can't tell if the indie band Cult's use of Jonestown footage for their latest music video is really cool or in incredibly bad taste.

3. Sad thing of the day: Mattel co-founder Elliot Handler passed away at age 95. He's the guy who named Barbie, though technically it was his wife who created the doll.

4. "Dear God no, Robert Rodriguez!" of the day: I don't care how good "Spy Kids" was. This is not happening:

"The 43-year-old filmmaker said the 'Sin City 2' script is being refined, while 'Machete' may see two sequels, one of which will be set in space."

Please, just tell me it's a joke. Because that would be a pretty good joke! Otherwise, I'm terrified.

5. Freak shows of the day: TLC is marketing its lineup of "Hoarders: Buried Alive" and "My Strange Addiction" with a mashup of the two programs.

I hear if you watch too much TLC the commercials will just start chanting, "One of us! One of us!"

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