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Today's catch: Ryan Gosling takes over the world, "Lost" reveals its secrets, and "Glee" fails to graduate

Published July 25, 2011 10:45PM (EDT)

Every day is now Ryan Gosling Day.
Every day is now Ryan Gosling Day.

1. Ryan Gosling of the Ryan Gosling of the Ryan Gosling: Slate's interview with Ryan Gosling today is pretty good, but they failed to ask the hard-hitting questions. Like, are his abs for real? What is the name of his new band? Are he and Emma Stone hooking up IRL? Where is his dog? When will he be asked to the Marine Corps Ball? Etc.

2. Gleeternity of the day: Remember how the stars of "Glee" were going to eventually have to graduate and leave the show? Not anymore! I'm assuming this will be a Tim Riggins type of deal, except with Lea Michele substituting for Taylor Kitsch.

3. Franconian role of the day: "General Hospital" is getting its third dose of "Franco," the dangerous, handsome artist played by ... James Franco. Or his evil twin. Duh-duh-duh!

4. Lost "Lost" of the day: It's been over a year since ABC's smoke monster drama had its finale, yet Damon Lindelof's "unaired footage" from the first season that he premiered this weekend still has me smirking.

5. Hot nerds of the day: The sexiest men and women of Comic-Con. (Good job, Life magazine.) And no, that's not like being the world's tallest dwarf. Though I'm sure some cosplayer went as that this year, too.

By Drew Grant

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