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Watch: A man stuck in a storm drain, a guy hanging from a car and Mariah Carey on the Home Shopping Network

Published July 25, 2011 8:30PM (EDT)

And in other news... this happened.
And in other news... this happened.

1. Mariah Carey's Home Shopping Network insanity: Gawker Media's Matt Cherette made an amazing mash-up of the "Glitter" star's appearances on HSN.

If I call the number at the bottom of the screen in the next 10 minutes, can I have some of whatever she's on?

2. Free beats, old school: Though this video is from 2009, it's just recently making the viral rounds. Don't blame me if you've already seen the one about a guy in Union Square who stood at a microphone making beat-box noises, encouraging passerbys to rap over him. You're just better at the Internet than the rest of us.

3. It's always sunny at Comic-Con: The cast of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" performed their famous ditty "Day Man" in San Diego this weekend.

Oh, won't they take their fake musical on tour again??

4. Man hangs onto to speeding car's window: CNN aired this randomly absurd footage today, and while no one knows the details surrounding this incident, if movies have taught me anything it's that this dude was either being threatened by the mob to pay up, or a Terminator.

5. Man thwarted in attempt to climb into sewer: Today just isn't the day for people with really bad ideas, apparently. Maybe Mercury is in retrograde or something.

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