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Today's catch: Wu-Tang Clan needs interns, Anne Rice gets furry, and the WH's Twitter is never gonna give you up

Published July 28, 2011 12:09AM (EDT)

1. Internship of the day: Want to work for the Wu-Tang Clan? Well, now you can, thanks to a recent Craigslist listing. But be warned, their qualifications are fierce. You need to have an "interest in the music/entertainment industry" and "experience with social networking." So that 1 percent of Wu-Tang fans who don't have a Facebook account and hate music shouldn't bother to send in their résumé.

2. Stormy business of the day: The Weather Channel admits that earthquakes and tsunamis aren't technically their beat, but as long as it brings in the viewers, they're going to keep doing it. Climate change, though? Not touching that one.

3. Werenews of the day: Anne Rice must be a new convert to the Werewolf Cathedral: Her latest book, "The Wolf Gift," forgoes vampires to tell the story of a young man who becomes ... well, no spoilers.

4. Hipster hate of the day:'s piece on the hipsters' secret society of homosexuals is meant to be satirical, but honestly ... have you seen a hipster lately?

" They will often meet each other and indoctrinate youths at music festivals, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters and at liberal arts colleges. They will convince your child to do poorly in school and blame the teacher because "they don’t understand his/her art". They will then get black out drunk on Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer so they can engage in violent gay sex acts while listening to obscure bands whose lyrics promote such disgusting deviant acts."

It's not that far off.

5. Rickroll of the day: I love you, White House Twitter feed.

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